# Installation

You can install Vuex ORM via NPM, Yarn, or direct download. Vuex ORM is a plugin for Vuex and therefore you should have Vuex installed (opens new window) as a prerequisite.

# Package Manager

NPM or Yarn are the recommended methods of installing Vuex ORM.

# Install using NPM.
npm install @vuex-orm/core@next --save

# Install using Yarn.
yarn add @vuex-orm/core@next

For non-Typescript users, the following Babel plugins should be installed and configured:

  "plugins": [

# Direct Download / CDN

Coming soon...

# Dev Build

The built files in the /dist folder are only checked-in during release. To use the latest source code on GitHub, you will have to run a build yourself.

git clone https://github.com/vuex-orm/vuex-orm-next.git node_modules/@vuex-orm/core
cd node_modules/@vuex-orm/core
yarn && yarn build